Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Bands Forever Vol. 2 Benny Goodman Let's Dance - 1977

This is the fourth and last installment of this Big bands Forever series. Solid record, but I wouldn't expect anything different from Benny Goodman. These aren't necessarily the big hits from Benny and the band, that first come to mind, but that doesn't matter. There are plenty of songs you may know from the era. I like this record a lot. The huge stand out for me is "It's Only A Paper Moon" which I sang for a full week after digitizing this record. I think I sang it every morning in the car taking my daughter school. I'm sure she was sick of it.

01 Taking A Chance On Love
02 Gotta Be This Or That
03 Jersey Bounce
04 Where Or When
05 Amapola
06 It's Only A Paper Moon
07 Let's Dance
08 Symphony
09 Why Don't You Do Right
10 One O'Clock Jump


Benny Goodman Let's Dance

I apologize in advance that there is no active link at this point. I'm still trying to figure out how and if I will share links in the future.


Jeronyme said...

Well I'm not sure it's the right moment to ask you to re-up the Mad Daddys' Cat Scratch Fever single I presume... I wanted to ask this for months (years!!) but procrastination is a plague....
Anyway if you're interested, you'll find some of their earlier stuff here (link in the comments).


Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll see what I can do about a link.