Friday, September 1, 2017

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2017

Here it is, the 2017 Halloween Mix.  There is a lot of film music this year.  I've also dropped in a handful of trailers for sequels, including the trailer for season 2 of Stranger Things.  The Comic-Con trailer with Thriller could have just worked on it's own, but I thought I'd do a little editing and layer in some other music.  I also grabbed a piece of Vincent Price dialogue from the Thriller session outtakes.  I think the enhancements worked out pretty good and it all gets me super excited for season 2. 

Tracks are listed in the artwork.


Download here: SAP Music Halloween Mix 2017

Password - SAPMUSIC2017


bigjeffoh said...

PLEASE post this Halloween mix as mp3 rather than M4a or tell me some way to convert it. I've tried a bunch of programs and some friends have tried to help me as well. We can't seem to get it. Any help accessing this great set of tunes would be greatly appreciate. I'm a big fan of your discs, as well as Halloween, so I'd really like to get these! PLEASE.

Spencer said...

Use iTunes to convert the files. M4a is the iTunes format.

Spooky Mizu said...

Thank you for this year's compilation. I always look forward to starting my haunting season with your sets.

With fiendish delight, I am

Spooky Mizu