Saturday, September 21, 2019

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2019

Happy Halloween everyone!  It is that most wonderful time of the year, time for this year's Halloween mix.  This year I leaned into pulling songs from movies.  I'll be honest there are more than a few YouTube song rips this year and a lot of trailers and movie clips as well.  I think my favorite discovery find is Shari Belafonte singing "Get Dead" a song from a TV movie called "The Midnight Hour". It is really catchy and the sequence in the movie is basically a Thriller rip-off musical number in the middle of this cheese ball TV movie.  Definitely worth seeking out on YouTube. Track listing is on the posted image.

Happy Halloween!

Download here: SAP MUSIC HALLOWEEN MIX 2019

Password - SAPMUSIC2019


gahndalph said...

Thanks again. I listen in every year.

Freddie Jaye said...

Thanks for the mix, as usual. But i must defend "Midnight Hour" -- cheesy yes, but made-for-TV. And it's a lot of fun, especially with Kevin McCarthy in a cameo. :)