Tuesday, September 1, 2020

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2020

Happy Halloween everyone!  I started gathering songs and clips nice and early this year.  One of the benefits of the Covid-19 pandemic has been working from home.  Without having to commute to work, I got a lot of hours of my life back.  So when I finally sat down to put the mix together in July, I had more than enough tracks and clips to work with.  So I had a really fun time layering all sort of things on top of each other trying to pack as much as I could into the mix.  I feel like I have created some pretty creepy soundscapes of music, spoken word and SFX.

I am also pretty happy with the artwork this year.  This was created from a photo a took a few years ago.  As I started playing with the colors the words electric Frankenstein kept going through my head.  Not the band, but just the words as a theme or feeling.  In the end I feel like I got what I had in my head. 

So have fun and as always...

Happy Halloween!

Download here: SAP Music Halloween Mix (broken into 51 m4a tracks) 2020
Entire Mix in one MP3 track: SAP Music Halloween Mix MP3
Entire mix in one m4a track: SAP Music Halloween Mix m4a

Password - SAPMUSIC2020

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