Monday, April 13, 2009

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Hang On Ramsey - 1965

I picked this record up not knowing anything about Ramsey Lewis. I was attracted by the title (I like Hang On Sloopy) and the odd cover with the trapeze artists. I get the pun of hang on, but the trapeze acrobats seem like a stretch. I also noticed a couple Beatles song which was a plus. I'm always interested in hearing how people murder or perhaps do well with Beatles covers. Happily, I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to the record. It actually is a really strong jazz record.

As it turns out Ramsey Lewis is an accomplished Jazz musician, who's garnered 3 Grammys and commercial success with 5 gold records. He's still performing today. You can check out his latest news and concert schedule at his website. You can also read up on his career on Wikipedia.

I discovered in my reading that Hang On Sloopy was a hit for ole Ramsey. It is top notch for sure. The Beatles covers (A Hard Days Night, And I Love Her) also are great. I also happen to really like Satin Doll. Give it a spin and find your favorite.


01 A Hard Day's Night.m4a
02 All My Love Belongs To You.m4a
03 He's A Real Gone Guy.m4a
04 And I Love Her.m4a
05 Movin' Easy.m4a
06 Billy Boy_Hi-Heel Sneakers.m4a
07 The More I See You.m4a
08 Satin Doll.m4a
09 Hang On Sloopy.m4a

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Hang On Ramsey! part
Ramsey Lewis Trio - Hang On Ramsey! part

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