Friday, April 24, 2009

SAP Music Spring Mix 2009

Thought it was time to share another mix. I've named this one a Spring mix, but that is mostly because I'm putting out in the Spring and not because it is Spring themed. Usually I try to have some theme to my mixes, but sometimes I just like to share the music I've been listening to lately. This is a collection of old and new songs that I've been playing a lot on my ipod.

So what's on this mix? Well as per usual I'm keeping that a bit of a mystery. This way only the faithful readers of the blog will be rewarded with the musical goodness and those using Google search looking for a specific song won't. I can say that the music ranges from Brit pop to R&B. There is music from the 50's on up to some tracks from just the last couple months.

The one track I would like to mention specifically is the Theme Song to Being Erica. Being Erica is a Canadian show that premiered earlier this year. My wife and I have really fallen in love with this show. So if you have a chance to catch it, do watch it. If you have any love of the 90's you'll definitely love it. The premise involves time travel and a girl named Erica going back in time to try and do things differently. Many of those things are from her early 20's in the 90's. The sound track selection for those episodes are usually pretty good. Anyways, the opening song to the show is done by a Canadian artist and it isn't available commercially anywhere. I just digitized it right from an episode of the show.

Actually one other thing I'd like to mention is that a couple other tracks on this mix were featured in a UK film called "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging". The film was produced by Nickelodeon for the UK market. I don't know if it had a North American release. It might be available on DVD now. The film is definitely for teen girls, but I must say that if you are a fan of teen films of the 80's I think you'll like this as well. It's a fun, funny and somewhat innocent teen romance. The innocence reminds me of John Hughes' version of being a teen.

Another track was featured in Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist, which was one of my favorite movies last year. Again if you are a fan of 80's teen movies like "Pretty in Pink" or "Say Anything" you should like this movie. I love the film for a couple reasons. The first is that it is a great romantic movie. The characters live in a cynical world and yet somehow they are trying to keep their innocence and belief in love. The second reason is that the film is a love letter to New York, the city I most want to live in. And the last reason is that the sound track is great. I think it will be viewed as a great time capsule of the New York music scene in generations to come. If you haven't already do check out the movie and the soundtrack.

Wow, I didn't plan on writing so much, but it is hard to just put this out there without a few bits of commentary. There is also a track by a guy my son discovered on myspace named Brooke Pridemore. If you can support the little guy and check out his music. Okay, that is the last plug.

So with that said, I hope you all like the collection.


SAP Music Spring Mix

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