Thursday, May 28, 2009

John Cougar - Jack And Diane/Can You Take It 7" - 1982

Haven't posted in a while. I've been pretty busy. To be honest I'm mostly busy because I've been trying to squeeze more exercise into my day. So in reviewing what kinds of things I have sitting waiting in the wings, this seemed like something that would require the least amount of writing. Lame I know.

Back in 1982 I loved this single. I'm sure many a reader can recall those wonderful days rocking out to this song. It is a great pop song. I don't think I ever sat down to learn the lyrics, but I'm pretty sure I can sing along with the whole thing. That is the sign of a good pop song. Memorability.

The B-side "Can You Take It" reminds me a little of "Hurts So Good" one of the other great early singles from John Cougar. Yes, I still call him John Cougar and rarely add the Mellancamp.

Hope everyone has fun with this one and gets all nostalgic.


01 Jack And Diane.m4a
02 Can You Take It.m4a

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