Sunday, May 3, 2009

SAP Music Cinco de Mayo Mix 2009

This is a first for me. I've never made a Cinco de Mayo mix before. To be perfectly honest, I've never really had any reason to celebrate the holiday. But I've been digitizing some fun ranchera records lately and have been listening to a lot os Spanish music and I thought why not throw something together.

You'll notice that some artists appear on here more than once. Usually I try to avoid that when making a mix. But I have two reasons for this. The first is that in those instances, both songs really are pretty good and I couldn't decide which to cut. The second reason is that I'm not exactly rolling in Spanish music. Actually I have a bunch of more contemporary Latin music, but I didn't think it fit in with the vibe of everything else.

A bunch of these tracks or from records and so there is lots of cracks and pops, but I think that adds to the flavor of the mix. Some tracks are pulled from CD's. I don't know the exact rules of the holiday as in if it is primarily a Mexican holiday or if it is in all of Latin America. I'm in Southern California and I know it is big here. That is all I know. So while some of these songs are definitely Mexican in origin, I've pulled from other sources as well. I hope my broad brush isn't offensive to some people. I've basically gone by the rule of if it is Spanish and sounds Latin and I like it I put it on the mix.

Most of the mix is quite traditional. Towards the end I've gone for some covers and for a couple songs that are a little more punk or in the case of Voodoo Glow Skulls ska-punk. Actually Burro I guess wouldn't be considered a cover since it is Beck just singing a Spanish version of Jack-Ass. And then I brought it all back home with some very recognizable songs that even English speakers should recognize.

So have a listen. Hopefully you'll like what I put together. Then you can impress your friends by having some interesting music for your Cinco de Mayo party or maybe just have it playing in your office during the day.


01 Viva Mexico - Alberto Vazquez.m4a
02 Ratón Vaquero - Francisco Gabilondo Soler.m4a
03 Ay! Jalisco No Te Rajes - Alberto Vazquez.m4a
04 Esta Noche Voy a Verlo - Yolanda del Rio.m4a
05 La Tequilera - Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles.m4a
06 Canción Del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazón) - Los Lobos With Antonio Banderas.m4a
07 Contigo Con Ellas Y Con Todas - Little Joe & The Latinaires.m4a
08 Amor Gigante - Compay Segundo.m4a
09 El Gallo Colorado - Miguel Aceves Mejia.m4a
10 La Llorona - Lila Downs and Mariachi Juvenil de Tecalitian.m4a
11 No Me Olvides Amor - Yolanda del Rio.m4a
12 Las Ciudades - Lola Beltran.m4a
13 El Cuarto de Tula - Beuna Vista Social Club.m4a
14 Chipi Chipi - Gustavo Santaolalla.m4a
15 El Conejo - Los Cojolites.m4a
16 La Pistola Y El Corazon - Los Lobos.m4a
17 ¿qué Grande Es Tu Amor? - Optimo.m4a
18 Hotel California - Gipsy Kings.m4a
19 Burro - Beck.m4a
20 El Clavo Y La Cruz - The Plugz.m4a
21 Sin Berguensa (Si Habla Espanol) - Voodoo Glow Skulls.m4a
22 Guantanamera - Compay Segundo.m4a
23 Cielito Lindo - Trini Lopez.m4a

Here's the whole thing.
SAP Music Cinco de Mayo Mix

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