Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael - A Mix

Wow, it's been well over a week since the last post. Most of my music listening time has been spent like many other people, re-listening to Michael Jackson. I committed myself to listening to anything and everything I could get my hands on. As I listened not only to the hits, but to some deeper album cuts and remixes and demos and such I found quite a few hidden gems I thought I'd like to share with people. So as to not attract attention, I'm keeping this track listing a mystery. What I can say is that I think most of these tracks will be ones you either haven't heard or you may not have heard in a while, but they are all great. I pulled from all periods of Michael's recording career so you can hear the wide range of his music. The hard thing was narrowing this down to fit onto one disc. I suspect I may have a follow up coming soon, because there were quite a few tracks that didn't make this mix, that I still would like people to hear.

It had been a while since I had really listened to young Michael. He really had an amazing voice and even though I love his music in the eighties and I think on the whole the songs are his best, hit voice in the 70's was the best. It seems that as he got older his voice which was his major talent got overshadowed by the dancing and the videos and the music production which were always as good if not better than any other pop being produced at the time. So treat yourself to this mystery mix and remember the good times with Michael.

18 tracks of pure talent.

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