Monday, July 27, 2009

Music For Babysitters

I'm not sure why these artists and songs were chosen for this record. I don't know that they are just for babysitters. Am I to take from this that this album is for teenage girls? Or is this a record for babysitters to use while baby sitting? Maybe it isn't for teenagers, because the woman taking care of the children on the cover doesn't look too, too young. I can't really get a handle on the point of this record. I guess that is why I bought it.

The cover photos are fun as well. I love the idea that the babysitter does her job in a strapless dress. Very practical when little kids are grabbing at you.

For you children of the 80's you might want to take a listen to track 11 "Istanbul". This was covered by They Might Be Giants and was a big hit for them. This is the original from 1953.


01 Tony Bennett - Rags To Riches.m4a
02 Percy Faith - And This Is My Beloved.m4a
03 Johnnie Ray - To Ev'ry Girl - To Ev'ry Boy.m4a
04 Dan Terry - Teen Ager.m4a
05 Jerry Vale - For You, My Love.m4a
06 Belmonte - Arthur's Mambo.m4a
07 Guy Mitchell - Sippin' Soda.m4a
08 Dan Terry - Seventeen.m4a
09 Frankie Laine - Answer Me.m4a
10 Dan Terry - Saddle Shoe Shuffle.m4a
11 The Four Lads - Istanbul.m4a
12 Paul Weston - Stardust.m4a

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