Saturday, August 15, 2009

Battleflask, Hollow Points, Bad Reaction and Angry Samoans at Blue Sky in Los Angeles - 08.14.09

It's been a long time since I've been to a show, hence it has been a long time since I posted some rock photos. Last night I went to an Angry Samoans show in a very sketchy part of LA. Angry Samoans were great as per usual, but Bad Reaction simply blazed. They played stuff off their latest release and they sounded very tight. Battleflask who played with the Samoans last time I saw them opened the show. They play some good old school punk. I highly recommend them and if you hav a chance to pick up their disc, you should do it. It was a shame that more people weren't there when they played. They have some catchy danceable songs. Hollow Points were next. They were from Seattle. They were pretty good, but to be honest they did kind of sound like a lot of other mainstream punk bands on Warped tour. Not exactly my cup of tea. They started out great and they played well, but after a while things started to sound formulaic and too similar. I know that is a weird comment, while at the same time praising Angry Samoans and other more hard core bands. I guess I don't mind the conventions an similarity in some hard core bands because I just like hard core more. I can say they were photogenic and I got some great pics of them playing. Anyway, this was the first show I had been too since buying a bigger memory card for my camera. So I shot and shot and shot and shot. I spend hours this morning going through the photos adjusting things here and there and weeding about about 200 photos that just didn't make the cut. I got a lot of good band photos, but I must say the crowd was particularly great at this show. It wasn't too crowded and it didn't get too violent. I could move around and get lots of angles. For the most part people didn't mind my flash going of in their face. There was one girl that had a problem, but she quicly got over it. You'll notice I kept in the photo of her trying to cover my lense. I think it actually makes for a better shot. I'm including here a few major highlight photos and a link to the whole album on Flickr.



ET said...

LOVE the pics, Spencer! Nothing is cuter than damaged punk girls. And the guys dancing like they're in another reality is spectacular.

Bless you for sharing ALL this with the world!

Spencer said...

As always, thanks for the support.