Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jay Reatard @ Amoeba Records in Hollywood 08.18.09

Tuesday the family and I made a trip to Amoeba records in Hollywood. I roped the whole family into the adventure instead of just my son because it was my wife's birthday and we planned on going to one of our favorite restaurants after seeing Jay Reatard play.

I actually took half the day off from work so that we could go plenty early and avoid the late afternoon traffic. It also gave me plenty of time to look for records and such. I hadn't been to Amoeba since last summer. Unbelievable, I know. I had a whole list of cd's and records I have been waiting to buy and plus I love looking through all the latest 7 inch records to see if I can find something to perk my interest. I got some new 7 inch records, but I also found a really cool bin of fifty cent records. I picked up 3 of them and I can say that one of them that I listened to this morning is great. I'm sure it will make an appearance here some day.

So I finished all my browsing and shopping by 5PM and Jay didn't go on until 6. I did pick up "Watch Me Fall" Jay's latest record. I was fully planning on buying the CD, but for only 2 dollars more I could get the record and that had a code for a digital download of the record as well. For me that seemed like a deal and so I got the vinyl. After putting the purchases in the car, we just started hanging out by the stage as Jay and Stephen Pope (bassist) set up. I'm glad we did, because after a few other people gathered with us near the stage the security roped the area off. We got roped in and no one else was allowed up that close. Sweet!

Jay had some problems with the guy on the mixing board. His frustration came out in a lot of F-bombs over the mic. Needless to say, my wife didn't think this was the best atmosphere for my 9 year old daughter. I have to say I agree, so they left. I was kind of bummed about that, because I think they would have liked the show, but what can you do. Jay has a mouth like a sailor and he has no qualms about cursing in front of the kiddies.

Finally 6 Pm came and Jay rocked the house. Before he started I took a picture of the set list and I was very excited by what I saw. I was really excited about the prospect of some acoustic numbers. Sadly, though, Jay didn't play the set list. I don't know the reason for diverting away from the setlist. He ended up only playing 30 minutes. I don't know if that was the plan all the time and before hand they agreed to do a cut down playlist or if for some reason he was pissed about the whole situation and decided to cut it short. Whatever the reason, he didn't open with Blood Visions which he has done the last two times I saw him and he didn't do any acoustic numbers. Still he did play Nightmares (my favorite) and everything and everything on the second half of the setlist.

One of the cool highlights of the show was during "Death Is Forming" jay pulled the guy with a sailor's captain hat next to me up on stage and gave him his guitar. That guy strummed mad noise out of the guitar while jay sang. He grabbed one of his own records off the shelf and smashed it by repeatedly punching it. Not exactly original, but it was effective and dramatic.

After that we went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday. Happy birthday honey and thanks for indulging me on your birthday.

Enjoy the photos. Here is a link to the entire album of photos I took that evening.

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