Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Mix 2007 Re-post

Yes, I am being totally lazy recycling old posts, but what can I say. I'm into recycling. I've also been extremely busy and I'm spending whatever extra time I have for this blog, getting Christmas records digitized and processed for the month of December. I am planning to do like last year and post a new record every day. I'm also madly trying to get all that done so I can make my final selections for the Christmas mix. I spent time this past weekend digitizing audio clips from movies and TV shows that I thought might work nice on a mix.

Well, enough about Christmas. This is October and Halloween is quickly approaching. So come with me in the way back machine to 2007, before I knew how to make mixes in garage band and was doing it old school with itunes. This was my first Halloween mix and I think I did okay. If nothing else I think my cover photo was pretty good.


Spencer's Halloween Mix

The track listing is as follows. For details on the artists you'll just have to download the tracks and look at the ID tags. Or if you are really just curious, you can send me an e-mail.

01 Ed Wood Main Titles (Edit)
02 Trick Or Treat
03 My Dear Watson
04 Horrorshow
05 To Make A Witch Pockmarked
06 Suspiria (Narration)
07 Angel Witch
08 Pass The Witch's Broomstick
09 Figments Park (Edit)
10 Kill The Brain And You Kill The Ghoul
11 I Walked With A Zombie
12 Halloween Hootenanny
13 Surfin' Dead
14 Teenage Zombie Blues
15 Braineaters
16 Among The Dead
17 She's My Witch
18 Lil' Red Riding Hood
19 The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power
20 Evil
21 Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But...
22 Braineater
23 At The Munsters
24 Casper, Casper (Whatcha Doin' On The Moon)
25 Do The Rigormortis
26 Pacific Ghost Highway... (Intro)
27 Dinner With Drac
28 Goblin Dance
29 Hillside Strangler
30 Blood Lust
31 Jack The Ripper
32 The Tell-Tale Heart
33 Popeye (The Gravedigger)
34 I Dig You Baby
35 Halloween


strawberry lemonade girl said...

Hey Spencer!
Oooooh I'm excited to see what you got up your sleeve for this year's christmas. Seriously, your mixes & album uploads MADE our holiday last year (all your stuff was on constant rotation on ye olde iPod). It's funny I'm looking for retro halloweenie songs to play at my son's kindergarten halloween party and I thought, "Hmmm, I haven't stopped by the SAP blog in a while, I wonder if Spencer has anything up!" Lo and behold, TWO mixes. Awesomeness. Thanks so much again, and I'm excited for decemeber!
hope all is well,
alex (galexiegirl)

Spencer said...

Gee, I hope I can live up to such expectations. I am so worried about this year's Christmas mix. The clock is ticking loud and clear. I spent most of my weekend working on getting records into my computer and ready to upload. I'm happy to report that I'm almost done on that front and that last night I spent a lot of time listening to songs to find gems for the mix this year. Now comes the hard part, making the mix and trying to come up with something as good as the Halloween mixes.

Check back in in 4-5 weeks and I should have something up.

Happy listening.