Friday, October 9, 2009

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2008 re-post

Last year was my first exploration into doing mixes in garage band. I am still really proud of last year's mix and thought I should repost it for the new comers.

Last year I posted it as a podcast because last year you could burn that podcast to disc in itunes and itunes was smart enough to break up the chapters into individual CD tracks. For some reason on one of the itunes updates this summer that feature was lost. So I'm posting the individual tracks in this one zip file.

The liner notes image has all the details on everything that went into creating this mix. And when I say everything I do mean everything. Prepare to geek out on the level of detail I have provided. Just click on the image to get view the large high res file. At the bottom I've also provided an image to print out for a CD case.

Check back soon, because the 2007 Halloween mix should make an appearance before the end of the month.


SAP Music Halloween Mix

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