Friday, July 16, 2010

Andy McCarroll & Moral Support - Zionic Bonds - 1981

This is one interesting record. One that when I bought it I had no idea what it was. I dug the cover and it looked like it might be a fun power pop record. I didn't pick up on the Christian reference in "Zionic Bonds" and the song titles didn't really give me any indication that this was an overtly Christian record. Some may be immediately put off by the overt Christian preaching of the record and I understand that.

For me I don't really get down with most "Christian" music, but I do actually like this record. Some of the lyrics hit home for me and some don't. So while I don't necessarily agree with all the lyrics, I don't really get down with the murder and Satan worship of Slayer's lyrics either, but I still have "Reign In Blood" on my ipod. So what does that tell you? I don't know, but it is what it is.

There is also something interesting and maybe even punk rock about lyrics that are so not in step with the main stream of rock and roll. There is a feeling or rebellion against the rock status quo that I do kind of respect. The band isn't happy with what they see wrong with the world and they sing passionately about it in rather well constructed pop songs. I think that should count for something. So even if you disagree with everything I just wrote I think you should give the music a chance. The music and execution is quite good and fun in my opinion. It is actually a pretty good powerpop/new wave record.

As for the songs here is what you get. Track one is titled "Sin" and on any other rock record that would be escapist revelry in the pleasures of sin. Not here. It is all about how bad sin is. While the Supersuckers would sing about loving sin, Andy McCarroll & Moral Support sing "I wanna hate it" with a snarly defiant delivery.

"To Know You" has a reggae feel and by that I mean something closer to The Clash's take on reggae.

"How The Kids Are Feelin'" is a quick paced rocker. You can definitely bop around the dance floor with this one and get your pogo on.

"Slippin' and Slidin" is quite a catchy little number and you may find yourself humming along.

"I Am Human" may cause some heads to turn. It is a straight up song about abortion taking a pro-life stance that isn't ever really heard in pop music. Actually I don't know that it is totally an anti pro-choice issue, but I think he is trying to at the very least voice the opinion that perhaps the issue isn't so simple and there may be mutiple lives or ramifications to consider. Maybe I'm being naive giving them the benefit of the doubt.

"King Man" buzzes and jolts along with angular rhythms and guitars and a punk attitude.

"Cyan City" is okay and has moments of "Flock Of Seagulls" in the opening. There is also a laser sound. Not one of my favorites.

"Livin' A Lie" gets back to the new wave pop formula. Still not one of the better songs, but it is okay.

"20th Century" is a pretty good song. It is basically a spiritual testimonial of their belief in a God. If you have a theistic leaning, you may really dig this track, because it is catchy and hopeful. If you're agnostic or an atheist you may just find this offensive and have no connection to it. There is no subtlety in the message. It is as clear as "there is a God" period.

"In Control" again coops some reggae/ska rhythms much like the Police did for a mid-paced pop number. It proclaims "God is in control" when examining the fears and state of the world in the early 80's. I was a kid in those days and the fear of some sort of nuclear world war 3 was very much in the air. America's fear of the Soviet Union and likewise I think the USSR's fear of USA was a real fear. This song actually tries to instill some hope that things will be okay and that there is a greater power at work steering things. it doesn't get into exactly how that works, but the thought that someone or something is looking out for the human race is a nice thought and makes it easier to go to sleep at night, at least easier than the thought of nuclear annihilation.


01 Sin.m4a
02 How The Kids Are Feelin'.m4a
03 To Know You.m4a
04 Slippin' And Slidin'.m4a
05 I Am Human.m4a
06 Cyan City.m4a
07 King Man.m4a
08 Livin' A Lie.m4a
09 In Control.m4a
10 20th Century.m4a

Zionic Bonds Side
Zionic Bonds Side


murman said...

Thanks for posting this. There's a who slew of Christian new wave music from the late 70s and early 80s which is impossible to find on the web; I lost my vinyl copies ages ago...

Spencer said...

Yeah, who knew. I've come across a couple blogs since finding this record.

KelsallPhil said...

Just bought a turntable with SD card copying and now playing this and No Sham by Bill Mason Band and putting them my Media Player.

Remember buying this in 1981.

Happy Memories

thanks also for the photos to add to the cover!

KelsallPhil said...

Just bought a turntable with SD card coping so now have this and No Sham by Bill Mason Band in digital format.

Bought the original 33 in 1981. Happy memories!

Thanks for the cover pics