Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Budget Girls - Get In Your Ear 7" - 1996

Screechy, raucus fun. The budget girls rock. I don't know if this qualifies as Riot Grrrl or just rowdy garage rock. Whatever. Who needs labels anyways? The girls are having fun banging away on their guitars and doing something close to singing. The record has a fantasticly racey cover. Reminds me of some lame Benny Hill skit or Austin Powers. The record also has a "teabagging" track, probably one of the earliest. I don't know that for a fact, but how many songs about teabaggin do you know and how many were before 1996. "Go Away Geek" cracks me the way they screech and scream. It sounds just like some snotty girls in highschool. The thing is it doesn't sound ironic, it sounds sincere. "Pop A Wheelie" and "French One" are also good tracks. The whole 7" is good. If you ever com across it, pick it up, bcause who knows how long these links will be active.


01 Pop-A-Wheelie Cop-A-Feelie.m4a
02 Teabaggin'.m4a
03 French One.m4a
04 Go Away Geek!.m4a


Impatient Bastards said...

Hey guy! The link for track 4 is dead.

Spencer said...

I'll work on getting that fixed. The file disappeared from mediafire, so I'll have to give that a re-up.