Sunday, August 22, 2010

Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar 12" - 1987

Just this last week a friend gave me a small sack of records. They are all from the 80's and most of them are 12" singles. I have promptly started digitizing them to share. This is the first record from the collection which I'll post over the coming months. Many of these records are from pretty established bands like Echo or New Order or Morrissey or Depeche Mode, so I don't think I'm going to be sharing anything new that a die hard fan hasn't already collected from some other source. However, I do think on of the cool aspects will be the artwork, which may not be so readily available.

"Lips Like Sugar" is one of my favorite songs by Echo & The Bunnymen. On a side note I just have to say I find bands with "and" or "&" in their name to be annoying in this day of itunes. I hate having to keep track of whether I use the "&" sign of the word "and". It seems like I'm always fixing file names in bands like "Echo & The Bunnymen" and "The Jesus & Mary Chain".

This record is great because of the mixes. The 12" mix and the single mix are nice additions to the library. It is also nice to have a dub version of a song. Maybe I'll find a good use for that in some mash-up someday. "Rollercoaster" is a pretty good track as well. It really rocks and reminds me of some of the earlier Bunnymen work, kind of rough around the edges.


01 Lips Like Sugar (12" Mix).m4a
02 Rollercoaster.m4a
03 Lips Like Sugar (Dub).m4a
04 Lips Like Sugar (Single Mix).m4a

Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sure 12".zip


Matracas said...

Hey buddy; I think the correct name is The Jesus & Mary Chain and not how you wrote it. Great stuff and I wish I had friends that gave me vinyl records "out of the blue". Keep in touch.

Spencer said...

Yes, apparently in addition to getting confused over "&' and "And" I get confused over where the article "the" goes.

Thanks for checking in. Enjoy the tunes.

Spencer said...

It is actually funny that I made that mistake, because even as I wrote it I thought, is this right. I should double check. But then I didn't. It's not the first time that I've put the "the" in the wrong place.