Sunday, January 23, 2011

SAP Music Valentine Mix 2011

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and so I've pulled together another mix this year of songs to get you in the mood for love. At least I hope they do. Love and romance is sort of a subjective thing, so maybe these songs will connect with you and maybe they won't.

This year I've done the mix in garageband, so it isn't just a playlist. Songs flow into each other and make for a nice continuous listen. I've got some fairly recognizable songs as well as some deeper album cuts. I've got bit of soundtrack score and dialogue from TV shows. There's pop, rock, Hawaiian, R&B, reggae. There is old and and new. It really runs the spectrum of musical flavors.

If Valentine's Day isn't your holiday and you hate it, then check back in tomorrow. I'm got an "anti-Valentine mix" all done and ready to go. It's is pull of break up songs, love sucks songs, I hate you because you broke my heart songs and even one song about VD. Don't want to miss that.

For a better view of the tracks click here.


Printable Cover is below.

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