Monday, December 26, 2011

Alfred Apaka - Hawaiian Village Nights

Christmas has come and gone and now we have the rest of Winter to look forward to. I thought perhaps some Hawaiian tunes would be a nice escape from the cold. This must have been a pretty popular record back in the day. I say that because I see it over and over again in thrift store bins so it must have been in a lot of households. I liked it enough to digitize. Maybe you'll like it as well.


01 Kawohikukapulani.m4a
02 Moonlight And Shadows.m4a
03 Somewhere In Hawaii.m4a
04 Harbor Lights.m4a
05 Sunset In Hawaii.m4a
06 Hiilawe.m4a
07 Red Sails In The Sunset.m4a
08 Ka-Lu-A.m4a
09 Blue Hawaii.m4a
10 The Palm Trees Sing Aloha.m4a
11 Tower Of Love.m4a
12 Song Of Old Hawaii.m4a

Hawaiian Village Nights Side
Hawaiian Village Nights Side

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