Wednesday, December 28, 2011

John Mayal - Turning Point - 1969

This one won't be up long because it is a pretty easy record to find. This record I've seen quite a bit over the years in the thrift store bins. It is always pretty beat up. My copy isn't great by any means. I also digitized this years ago long before I had click repair to clean things up and I didn't feel like going back. So you'll have to enjoy my snap, crackle and pop copy.

It was one of those records I picked up not knowing much about the music. I looked at the picture and the liner notes and I think I knew I was in for some blues, but that was about it. It is also one of those records that I bought with a bunch of other records and so I didn't get around to listening to it for a long time. When I did finally drop a needle on it I loved it. It one of those records where I understand why it isn't necessarily a classic for the general public like say a Cream record, but if you like blues rock from that era then you'll probably enjoy this record. I certainly do.

I really like "The Laws Must Change". It is a longer number basically about legalizing marijuana. Though I'm not really in favor for legalizing marijuana I do like the sentiment of protest songs. I think much of the sentiment could work for some of the occupy movements around the country. I'm all for calling for change by calling for laws to change through peaceful means. So I really like lyrics like "You're screamin' at policemen but they're only doin' a gig" and "don't throw rocks at policemen but get the knots of law untied." It's a nice change from the sentiment that all policemen are bad.

I also really like "Room to Move" because it really cooks. There is some great harp being blown on that track.

The song "California" is almost 10 minutes long. It wonders and weaves. It seems like the track that was good to trio out to or smoke pot to because of it's spacey mellow quality. However I find that even without the drugs the song can get you into a cool mellow vibe. I also live in California and am partial to songs about the state, just as I'm also partial to songs about Chicago where grew up.

I don't know if this record technically falls into the jam band category (I'm not really good at placing labels and classifications on things), but the songs do have a certain jam quality. The album is live and the songs are generally long. It is a record for people who like music that breaks out of the 3 minute pop song format. Jazz and blues fans I think will find something they like. So if you think you are one of those people, give it a listen.


01 The Laws Must Change.m4a
02 Saw Mill Gulch Road.m4a
03 I'm Gonna Fight For You J.B..m4a
04 So Hard To Share.m4a
05 California.m4a
06 Thoughts About Roxanne.m4a
07 Room To Move.m4a

John Mayall - Turning Point - Side 1 -
John Mayall - Turning Point - Side 2 -


Anonymous said...

Hey Spencer! Is your copy a WLP or the standard red label Polydor pressing? I've only seen this as a WLP [which is my now long lost edition].

Spencer said...

Just the standard Polydor pressing.