Monday, July 8, 2013

Jack Guthrie - Capitol 15266 - Oklahoma Hills B/W Oakie Boogie 78 - 1948

This is the first record I am posting that is a 78.  For father's day I picked up a cheap turntable that plays 78s.  My regular player doesn't.  That hasn't stopped me from collecting 78s here and there.  This record is part of a big collection of country records I picked up years and years ago.  After all these years I finally have a way to listen to them and digitize them.  They are 78s so there is a bit of surface noise and I've done what I can to clean up the audio.  I'm sure someone with more talent than me could do better.  The two tracks are both great.  "Oklahoma Hills" is by Jack and Woody Guthrie.  It is a real swinging number that will get your toe tapping.  The B-side "Oakie Boogie" is also a real gem.   I have this song on another 78 and on a 45.  I can't listen to it enough.

01 "Oklahoma Hills"
02 "Oakie Boogie"


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