Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jack Guthrie - Capitol 341 - The Clouds Rained Down B/W Oakie Boogie - 1947

This is another 78 from Jack Guthrie and I'm sure you see that like the last one, this one has "Oakie Boogie" as the b-side.  Clearly the song was a favorite worth recycling onto another record. The a-side is "The Clouds Rained Trouble Down" and it a pretty good number.  It has some twang and a little bit of swing.  The b-side is the exact same version of "Oakie Boogie."  According to Wikipedia "Oakie Boogie" was a hit in 1947 reaching number 3 on the charts.  In fact is was this record Capitol 341 that was the record that reached number 3.  It also says that it is considers a candidate for the first rock and roll record.  That probably explains why I love that song so much.  Another interesting fact I learned from Wikipedia is that Jack Guthrie died of tuberculosis in 1948 the year after this record's release.  Kind of sad.  He was only 32.

One other interesting factoid from Wikipedia is the fact that Jack Guthrie did not have a band and so there were no Oklahomans even thought the record says "Jack Guthrie and His Oklahomans."  He worked with some seasoned studio musicians on this and his other records.


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