Monday, February 1, 2010

Elsa Lanchester - Songs For A Smoke Filled Room - 1957

I've been really lazy with the posting recently. And even this post is going to lack some real thought and effort. I just feel like I need to put something out there since it has been so long.

Here's a cabaret style record from the Bride Of Frankenstein herself Esla Lanchester. The album contains a bunch of light/fun songs performed live by Elsa.

On a side note, I'd like to say that for me other than her performance as the bride, the second film I always connect with Elsa is the Disney classic, Blackbeard's Ghost. I saw that on my birthday when I was 4 or 5. Loved it then and I still love this movie. Check it out.


01 Never Go Without Feeling Intro.m4a
02 Never Go Without Feeling.m4a
03 If You Peek In My Gazebo Intro.m4a
04 If You Peek In My Gazebo.m4a
05 Fiji Fanny Intro.m4a
06 Fiji Fanny.m4a
07 When A Lady Has A Piazza Intro.m4a
08 When A Lady Has A Piazza.m4a
09 The Ratcatcher's Daughter Intro.m4a
10 The Ratcatcher's Daughter.m4a
11 At The Drive-In Intro.m4a
12 At The Drive-In.m4a
13 If You Can't Get In The Corners Intro.m4a
14 If You Can't Get In The Corners.m4a
15 The Husband's Clock Intro.m4a
16 The Husband's Clock.m4a
17 Please Sell No More Drink To My Father Intro.m4a
18 Please Sell No More Drink To My Father.m4a
19 Linda And Her Londonderry Air Intro.m4a
20 Linda And Her Londonderry Air.m4a
21 Catalogue Woman Intro.m4a
22 Catalogue Woman.m4a
23 Lola's Saucepan Intro.m4a
24 Lola's Saucepan.m4a

Elsa Lanchester - Songs For A Smoke Filled Room side
Elsa Lanchester - Songs For A Smoke Filled Room side


RecordCollector said...

Wow, great post, thanks!!!

Spencer said...

You're welcome.

wastedpapiers said...

Great to hear this one. Ive uploaded Songs For A Shuttered Room on my Boot Sale Sounds blog several times.

junkthief said...

I recently picked up a a pristine LP of this at my local community thrift store and just made my MP3s of it. She may not have the voice of Maria Callas, but she certainly does wonders with mischieviously suggestive lyrics.

Though not a great film, she is really great as a clumsy witch in Bell, Book and Candle.