Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pope Paul VI - First Visit To The Americas

I've been waiting for a good reason to post this record and being the beginning of Lent seemed like a good reason.

I find records like this so very interesting, because they truly don't exist anymore. Today if there is a significant historic event, there is no need to really own it or own the audio, because you can find it on the internet. Want to hear a famous speech? Want to hear the audio of the moon landing? It's just a few clicks away. But I've got a collection of records such as these that people would buy, and I assume listen to more than once to be inspired or whatever. This one requires a little more work because of the language and I'll be honest, it is hard to hear sometimes. But none the less. This was an historic event and if you are Catholic I'm sure it really meant something to have the Pope visit the USA. So relive the historic trip as you start your observance of Lent.


01 Arrival At J. F. Kennedy Airport.m4a
02 Prayer Of Thanksgiving At St. Patrick's Cathedral.m4a
03 Blessing The Unicef Children At The U.N..m4a
04 Mass For Peace At Yankee Stadium.m4a
05 Farewell Address.m4a
06 Message Of Peace To The United Nation's General Assembly.m4a

Pope Paul VI_ First Visit To The Americas - Side 1.zip
Pope Paul VI_ First Visit To The Americas - Side 2.zip

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