Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kix - Kix - 1981

Just wanted to get something up post Halloween. Yes, I know I was extremely lazy all October, just posting reposts. I can report that I did spend time in October working on the Christmas mix for the year.

This record was a bit of a surprise to me. I picked this up mostly because of the cheeseball photos, and I thought the music would be kind of cheesy. However I was pleasantly pleased to find that the album actually rocked quite well. It wasn't so much the hairband rock of the late 80's which I wasn't really into, but had a little more new wave influence than I was expecting. Listen to Heartache and you'll hear what I mean. Has a little bit of a powerpop vibe going on. Some songs rock a little harder, and there is the requisite heavy metal falsetto. For instance, take a song like "Kix Are For Kids". This is more in line with say Krokus. "The Kid" is a pretty catchy rocker and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" is also infectious and closes the album well.

And lastly I'd like to say that even though I've given the music a B+ as far as quality I still stand by my opinion that the album photos are cheeseball.


01 Atomic Bombs.m4a
02 Love At First Sight.m4a
03 Heartache.m4a
04 Poison.m4a
05 The Itch.m4a
06 Kix Are For Kids.m4a
07 Contrary Mary.m4a
08 The Kid.m4a
09 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.m4a

Kix Side
Kix Side


Matracas said...

WOW I didn't know this was their 1st album. They got airplay on local radio in 83 with the song "Mighty Mouth" and I assumed it was from their debut album. I actually consider their '86 album "Midnight Dynamite" their best (even if their commercial break through was with the 89 album "Blow my fuse".)

Spencer said...

I've never listened to anything else by these guys. Give this a listen and let me know if you like this or the new stuff more. Did their sound change much?