Friday, November 26, 2010

SAP Music Christmas Mix 2010

Every year, no matter how early I think I am starting on the Christmas mix, in the end it feels rushed. Life just seems to get busier in the fall and finding the time to work on the mix is hard. When I do get a Saturday afternoon, it is never enough.

Every year I also feel like the Christmas mix isn't as good as the Halloween Mix, because I get to do so much fun stuff on the Halloween mix. This year I was sampling songs and making loops. I was pulling audio from movies and spoken word records. I spent so much time on that thing making something original. Doing that for the Christmas mix is probably possible, but I think it requires more digging and research, both of which require time and as mentioned before I'm always short on time by the time the Christmas mix rolls around. I'm not selling this mix too well am I? Sorry. Actually the mix is fun and I think there are some good selections that may surprise and delight you.


SAP Music Christmas Mix 2010 -

Click on the images to read the track listings. Sorry for being such a pain. The less songs I list, the less chance I have of anyone complaining and that way the link can remain active.

You can download a nice high res version of this CD insert here.


Ron said...

Thanks for taking the time to make my Christmas brighter !!

Spencer said...

Glad to hear it.

Badgercat said...

Nice stuff Spencer. You've got some great shares for Christmas here. I look forward to them this season.

Spencer said...


alix said...

YAY! It's christmas music time, Spencer! I know I should come around year round, and apologies, but I love all your christmas stuff. And all your old stuff is genius ((old posts), so no worries on not having time for new things. Can't wait to see what you pick this year!

: )

Spencer said...

Hope you enjoy this year's mix selections. I'm sad to report that I won't have any new Christmas records to post this year. I just ran out of time. We'll maybe next year.