Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Adventure in DIsneyland - Reposting again

This is a re-post from a few years ago. The link to the record is not only dead, but the actual file I had on mediafire had been deleted. For whatever reason I felt like I should put it up briefly once again. Maybe because it is a story for Christmas day and I thought perhaps a few lucky souls might stumble across this today and might want to share this with their family. Better get it while it lasts, because I'll deactivate this pretty quickly. Disney is pretty quick with the take down notices. So here is the old post.

So yesterday I gave you an album full of Christmas hymns for a traditional Christmas eve. Today, for the grand finale of the season I'm going the opposite direction. Christmas at Disneyland. By the way, I've been living in Southern California for over a decade and I still haven't gone to Disneyland in December. This record is the closest I've gotten. That is sad.

Anyways, this record is a mix of story telling and songs. I love this record. The story is interestingly weird and contrived. There are a few absolutely great tunes as well, "Jingle Bones" being my favorite. So once all your presents are open and the afternoon boredom sinks in, escape to Disneyland with this record.

On a side note I just wanted to say, that this past month has been very fun sharing all of these records. I've gotten some of my best feedback and comments. It has been great hearing from people that I've helped make their Christmas or that I've brought back some great memories. It has already got me excited for next year. I have a lot more records to share and I've already started digitzing for next years extravaganza.

As for the regular blog, I hope to get back to posting pretty soon. I'll probably take a few days off, but I will be back soon. I've definitely got a great record to share for New Years. Anyways until then...


01 All Aboard For Disneyland.m4a
02 Disneyland At Last.m4a
03 The Storybook Tree.m4a
04 Fantasyland.m4a
05 Once Upon A Dream.m4a
06 Jingle Bones.m4a
07 Escaping The Witch.m4a
08 Frontierland.m4a
09 Adventureland.m4a
10 The Jungle Tree.m4a
11 Tomorrowland.m4a
12 The Futuristic Christmas Tree.m4a
13 Home At Last On Christmas Morning.m4a

A Christmas Adventure In


music said...

Hi there, do you still have this album posted online somewhere? I would love to hear it, thanks!

Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll send a link.

Ven said...

Hey I just found your site and was wondering if you had this album posted elsewhere? I love christmas albums, especially Disney ones, thanks!

Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll send a link.

eee said...

Please can you send me the files. For some reason I can't download them from the site. Email: - Many thanks. i have been searches for a long time for this album for my Mum

Spencer said...

I sent you an e-mail and got a response that you were out of town. I hope you do get the e-mail with the link before the holidays.