Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Depeche Mode - A Question Of Time 12" - 1986

Quick post today. No real story. No real fuss. Just wanted to put something up. I got a bit gun shy after getting a take down notice for the Village People just a couple days after putting it up. I couldn't believe how fast that was. I was going to post 2 other of their records, but clearly someone is still trying to squeeze every last dime out of that catalog and is actively getting things taken off the internet. I guess that is why someone asked me about those records in the first place. I was surprised that they had not been posted a hundred times over. I guess I know why now. Well, I'm not exactly running the other way with some obscure record, so this too will only be up for a while. Hopefully it will last longer than the Village People.


01 A Question Of Time (Extended Remix).m4a
02 Something To Do (Live).m4a
03 A Question O Lust (Extended Version).m4a
04 Black Celebration (Live).m4a

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