Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Village People - Macho Man - 1978

A few weeks ago someone e-mailed me asking if I had some of the Village People records. I did have some of them, but they weren't ripped. The request however was just the sort of thing I needed to prompt me to get on that. So I've ripped 3 Village People records which I'll share over the next bit. Because it is the Village People and you can find these on CD they won't be up long.

The whole ripping was interesting because the records were kind of dusty, which meant I had to clean and clean. I would play and replay, rip and re-rip trying to get as clean of a rip as I could before running the tracks through some clean up software. What this meant was that I listened to these albums far too many times. It also meant that I got to really know some of the lesser known tracks such as "I Am What I Am" and "Sodom and Gomorrah". I found myself humming them for days afterward. By the time I got them fully processed and on the ipod I was sick of them because they were stuck in my head. Give them a listen and maybe they'll be stuck in your head as well. I'm sure you won't need to hear Macho Man anymore, but you might want to give it a listen. There a several different versions of this song, so perhaps this version is new to you. All the tracks on this record are long and not really single length. I think Macho Man runs over 7 minutes.


01 Macho Man
02 I Am What I Am
03 Key West
04 Medley: Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody
05 Sodom and Gomorrah

Village People - Macho Man


Matracas said...

Just a gigolo/I ain't got nobody? What was David Lee Roth listening to in 1978? He probably wanted to do this medley on the first VH album and Eddie told him they would cover some other tune and came up with "You really got me". Diamond Dave; frustrated, swore he would record it someday..and a few years later would become his 2nd Top 40 solo hit (You sense I'm kidding, right?)

Anonymous said...

Where's the link!!!??????

Spencer said...

Sorry there is no link for this one anymore. It turns out that The Village People are very vigilant about trolling the internet for their material. I got a take down notice for this within a week and the files on mediafire were taken down as well. I guess they have nothing better to do.