Saturday, April 9, 2011

SAP Music Rain Mix 2011

I've been away for a few days. Sorry about that. I got really busy at work. About a week ago I had a Sunday afternoon that was relatively free and so I had my choice of things to do to relax. I could watch a movie. I could read some comic books. I could digitize some records. I could even take a nap. However what I decided to do was start up a new mix. This mix in fact. It has been a few years since my last rain mix so this is long over due. I had a whole lot of songs built up in my itunes folder for use on this mix. I of course didn't use them all, but needless to say I had plenty to choose from.

This mix is the result of that free time last weekend. Unlike my previous mixes I did not aim to fill an entire CD. I got about 36 minutes done last week and when I listened to it I thought, there really isn't a need to add anything else. So I spent this morning tweaking levels, breaking up and labeling tracks. I threw the artwork together and voila I new mix for the world.

36-37 minutes is a good length. That's about what albums were back in the day. I figure it is also a good length for a morning commute for a lot of people so on a rainy day this may just hit the spot. Coincidentally it is also a perfect length to drive to Pep Boys and get your oil changed while songs are uploading to mediafire. Them Pep Boys are quick. Another bonus is that I could compress it at 320K and keep the one file under 100MB, so you don't have to download 2 parts. Mediafire has a limit of 100MB for their free service.

You'll notice that there are 25 track and I'm sure you are asking how I could fit 25 songs into just a little over 36 minutes. Well, the answer is simple. Almost none of those tracks are songs in their entirety. I tried to get in and get out on a lot of tracks. "Keep things moving" is what I say. So we start off gentle with the sound of rain. We ramp up to some rock, and some head knocking beats and even detour into some country and blues. It all ends how we started with the sound of rainfall. I hope it works for you.

The very last track actually goes out on the sound of rain and a church bell, which I took from the opening of a song. Can anyone guess what from what song I took that? Have a listen and see if you can guess.


SAP Music Rain Mix 2011

Track listing is on the artwork.

The photo was taken at California Adventure on a rainy day in February 2010. I figured it had a nice contrast of the dreary against the "happiest place on earth".

SAP Music Rain Mix 2011 by SAP Music

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