Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chia Pet - Meha - 1993

And the music keeps coming.

This is actually from a CD and not a record. Chia Pet was a band from Chicago in the late 80's early 90's. I saw these guys quite a few times as a kid because the drummer was a good skate buddy of mine. For those who have perhaps read everything I've written over the years you may have picked up on the fact that as a kid I was all about skateboarding. My friends and I had a skateboard team and we called ourselves Team SAP. If you ever wondered where the name for the blog came from, well now you have your answer. So below is a picture of Kurt Stevens who drummed in Chia Pet as well as another great Chicago band No Empathy.

I hadn't listened to this disc for quite a few years and I threw it on last week. It holds up great. The opening track is just fantastic. A song about Valerie Bertinelli, Eddie Van Halen and even a reference to Wolfgang Van Halen who was a child at the time, but is now part of Van Halen.

"Talk About It" is also a really big stand out. This song will get up and dancing for sure. And "Meat Beer And Chocolate" not only has a great title, but the song rages as well.

I've also included a scan of a Chia Pet matchbook that I've somehow managed to keep all these years. Came across it recently and decided it needed to be scanned. To tell you the truth, the matchbook is what kicked off my listening to the CD and deciding I should share the music.



A little over a year ago Chia Pet got together for a reunion. Here is a flyer for that reunion. Palatine was my hometown, by the way.

Here are some Chia Pet videos.

Jump to about the 3:30 minute spot to get "Meat Beer & Chocolate".

And this one is super funky. Wish I had a record or CD of this song. It really gets the feet a shufflin'.

Here is a bonus track from No Empathy. There wasn't a lot of love for Ben Weasel amongst the people I hung around with.

And here's the great original.

And one more No Empathy track.

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