Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pat Suzuki - Looking At You... - 1960

I guess it is about time I post this record. I have three albums by Pat. The first I posted way back in 2008. The second was in 2009. They have been very popular requests since I took down the links. Usually I share this record with folks as well even though I had not posted it yet.

So what can I say about this record. Pat is great... of course. The songs are classics. She's cute as a button on the cover as well. If Pat Suzuki is new to you, this is a good introduction, though my favorite record is still "Broadway '59". If you are interested in hearing that record, send me an e-mail.

The video below is an extra bonus I just discovered. It is Pat singing one of my favorite songs also found on "Broadway '59", "I Enjoy Being A Girl". Another cool thing for me is to actually see video of Peter Filichia. I don't really know this guy, but he spells his last name the same as mine and so I've seen his name pop up over the years on the internet. He's a reporter and so I've seen articles written by him. Anyways, it is by pure coincidence that I finally get to see what he looks like because he introduced Pat.

Here is another vintage clip of Pat.

And this is a nice montage put together with lots of great images.


01 Looking At you.m4a
02 Small World.m4a
03 Cheek To Cheek.m4a
04 He's My Guy.m4a
05 My Funny Valentine.m4a
06 You Better Go Now.m4a
07 You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me.m4a
08 I See Your Face Before Me.m4a
09 I Didn't Know About You.m4a
10 Easy Living.m4a
11 Don't Look At Me That Way!.m4a
12 Let Me Love You.m4a

Pat Suzuki - Looking At

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