Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pat Susuki - Pat Suzuki - 1958

Here's a great record from Pat Suzuki from 1958. This little lady really has some pipes. She's been pretty much lost to the sands of time as far as I can tell. Last year I posted another record from her and wrote a few words about her. Check that out here. I also had a brief mention of her a few weeks ago when I posted some clips from Charlie's Angels.

The record has some familiar standards and Pat turns in some fine performances.


01 The Song Is You.m4a
02 Star Dust.m4a
03 Black Coffee.m4a
04 Anything Goes.m4a
05 I've Grown Accustomed To His Face.m4a
06 Daddy.m4a
07 My Heart Belongs To Daddy.m4a
08 As Time Goes By.m4a
09 How High The Moon.m4a
10 The Lady Is A Tramp.m4a
11 Be My Love.m4a
12 I'll Never Smile Again.m4a

Pat Suzuki - Pat

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