Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thee Mighty Caesars - Cowboys Are Square 7" - 2003

Okay, I'm going to kind of be bold and daring to start off the new year by doing a post on something relatively new. I picked this record up just this past year. I'm sure if you are one who shops in the kind of record stores that carry 7 inch records you should be able to find this record. Might take a little effort, but I'm sure it is still out there. I'm sure it is really easy to find on the internet and if I wasn't lazy I'd find a link for you. Unfortunately for you I am feeling lazy and am going to leave that chore up to you.

The Mighty Caesars, one of Billy Childish's many projects. If you know his work, then there are really no surprises here. Both cuts are typical Childish garage rock. Rowdy, rough and simple. I prefer "Ain't Got None" the best of the two tracks. The drums are great. They sound like a caveman is just pounding away with reckless abandon. Toward the end the guitar screeches and whines like a sick animal, but in a good way. Always a little off and not quite fitting the confines of musical rules. The song on a whole is a good hoof stomper. I imagine it would get a club jumping. Hopefully one day I'll have the privilege of catching Billy.


01 Cowboys Are Square.m4a
02 Ain't Got None.m4a

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