Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flashdance 7" - Irene Cara & Helen St. John - 1983

I feel like I'm really slacking on the blog. Not a great way to start off the year. Work has just been really crazy. The frustrating thing is that I did a bunch of prep work and digitizing over the holidays, and now that I'm back at work I haven't had the time to do the final things like uploading and writing of entries.

So I'm going with a backup that I had set up a long time ago. It's good to have some posts ready to go as back ups for just these circumstances.

So today it is Irene Cara's song for Flashdance. I really liked her song for Fame even more if I'm being honest. The B-Side is a fairly forgettable instrumental. Maybe if you saw the movie it would mean something to you. Myself, I've actually never sat at watched Flashdance through. I've seen bits and pieces on TV, but never the whole thing. I don't know if I ever will either. There are just too many other movies that I know are better than this movie to watch.

So that's it. Short, and maybe not so sweet. But at least it is a little something to tide you over for a few more days.


01 Flashdance... What A Feeling - Irene Cara.m4a
02 Love Theme From _Flashdance - Helen St. John.m4a


Matracas said...

Spencer: If you didn't see the movie back in the day then you're probably going to get dissappointed. I remember going to the movie theatre the day it opened in Monterrey (Oct 31, 1983)..I even skipped school that day to go to see the screening. I loved the movie back a days, when I catch it on TV I can't watch it's dated. It's great for nostalgia purposes IF YOU SAW IT BACK THEN. It's like Saturday Night Fever..a friend aof mine just saw this movie for the first time 2 years ago and now says "I don't understand the hype generated around this movie"..of course you don' had to have lived it BACK IN THE DAY.

Spencer said...

That is exactly the sense I get when I've tried to watch "Flashdance". Dated. The acting and direction isn't that great.

Saturday Night Fever on the other hand I think still holds up as an actual good movie. I may be jaded with a little nostalgia, but I'd like to think not.