Sunday, January 4, 2009

Angels In Paradise

Just thought I'd share an odd little thing I came across this weekend. I've been busy in the SAP music lair digitizing records and photography covers and doing all the magic that goes into this blog. In the process I stumbled across some TV credits to the two part season 2 premier of Charlie's Angels, "Angels In Paradise". I loved the Angels as a kid and still get some enjoyment of watching an episode from time to time. This is a very memorable episode because it introduces Kris Monroe, Cheryl Ladd's character. Anyways the gals have to head to Hawaii to save Charlie's life and of course guns, cars and bikinis ensue. But that isn't the reason I'm writing about this. The funny thing is that in this episode (you only have to check out part 1) there are three artists whose records I digitized this past week. They of course will be featured in upcoming posts this year. They are Cheryl Ladd, Don Ho and Pat Suzuki. That's right Pat plays a massage parlor madame.

You can catch all three of them between the first and second commercial break. In watching the episode I came across this scene with Kris on the beach where a thug shoots a girl on a surfboard. The scene is a day scene, yet the inserts of the guy shooting are clearly at night or on a stage. I haven't seen such offensively bad continuity since Ed Wood's "Plan 9 From Outer Space". I had to share the clip with my facebook friends and so I thought I'd share it here to, just for the laughs.


Here's Pat.

And here's done working his acting chops playing himself. Who knew that even Don Ho knew Charlie and would do anything to help him out.

And lastly check out this not so awkward introduction of Kris into the show. Check out the elegant dialogue crafting. Sabrina's lines connecting Kris to Jill are priceless and Kris's smooth explanation of Jill racing doesn't feel forced at all. Enjoy!

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