Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jack Wagner - All I Need - 1984

Yesterday was MLK day. I had the day off with my family and so we went out to lunch. While sitting in the Fuddruckers I noticed that on TV was a soap opera and I believe one of the actors on TV was old Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner). I could be wrong, but my wife also thought it was him. We got into a conversation about being a soap actor and playing the same character for a gazillin years and such. Anyways, I thought because of that experience it would be a good time to share Jack's 80's musical effort "All I Need".

This album is a perfect example of filler. The single "All I Need" still is a pretty good song in my book. When I digitized this record over the holidays, I turned that song up pretty loud and both my wife and I were singing our little hearts out. I was going to say we put it up to 11, but that would be a lie. Jack Wagner doesn't go to 11. More like 7 or 8. However most of the other tracks pale by comparison. The production is cheesy. The lyrics are pretty weak. All in all it sounds like they threw the rest of the album together in no time at all knowing that it would sell based on the strength of the single. They were probably right.

So step into the way back machine and remember those days of old when Frisco Jones and Felicia we getting into spy adventures on General hospital and when you were singing along with "All I Need".

01 Premonition.m4a
02 What You Don't Know.m4a
03 Whenever Hearts Collide.m4a
04 Fighting The Nights.m4a
05 All I Need.m4a
06 Make Me Believe It.m4a
07 Sneak Attack.m4a
08 After The Fact.m4a
09 Tell Him.m4a
10 Lady Of My Heart.m4a

Jack Wagner - All I Need.zip



Mindy said...

I should be embarrassed to know this, but you probably did see Jack Wagner. Sadly he's not Frisco anymore, he's on the CBS show Bold & the Beautiful.

With older actors getting cut by soaps these days because they are too expensive (and "old") fewer and fewer actors will have to worry about playing the same character for years.

Spencer said...

Thanks for that update on Jack's career. I'm sad that it wasn't Frisco, but happy Jack is still working. Who knows maybe he'll return to GH for another generation. You know how people leave and come back, die and come back to life. Oh the joyous freedom of the soap opera plot.