Monday, January 26, 2009

Cosmetics - The Crack 12" - 1982

I don't know much or really anything about the Cosmetics. This is the only record I have by them. As you can see by the big sticker on the cover, they were on IRS which generally had cool alternative bands.

"The Crack" kind of reminds me of The Clash "Combat Rock" era. It has that sort of punk meets disco and funk that the Clash was doing around this time. Maybe even a hint of Tom Tom Club in there as well. I think that is considered a New York influence. I could be wrong on that, though.

I like the song "The Crack", but I have to admit that the edited short version is plenty for me. The long version may be a tad too long. It's not like the song has a lot a places to go and explore and so you might find the long version monotonous. I just keep a copy of the edited version on my ipod.


01 The Crack (Long Version).m4a
02 Caligraphy.m4a
03 The Crack (Edited Version).m4a


Oscar said...

please, the link is dead, reupload!!! tahnks

Spencer said...

Send me an e-mail if you haven't already for a link. said...

please send me the link for this


Jesse Trunoske said...

please email me this link if possible to would be awesome....friend has this record, but no way to transfer right now. thanks

Joe said...

Could you e-mail the link? there is nowhere else to get this! thanks.

Spencer said...

Hi Joe. E-mail me and I'll send you a link.