Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pat Suzuki - Broadway '59

What a find Pat Suzuki was for me. I picked up three of her records at a garage sale or something and I had never heard her before. 3 dollars well spent. This is the only record I've digitized so far and it is mostly because the opening song is soooooo strong. From what I can gather this song was kind of a signature song for her because it is from Flower Drum Song a play where she originated the character who sang this song.

Just from reading liner notes I've learned that Pat was discovered by Bing Crosby. I've also learned that she had the nickname "the pony tail girl". And by nickname I really mean that she was marketed as "the pony tail girl". And my last little piece or personal information I have on her is from an old record business guy I knew who worked at Capitol Records in the 50 and 60's. He said she was a complete bitch. I don't know exactly what that means, but he didn't get along with her. I don't care if it is true or not. I just know she could sing her little heart out.

This album as you can gather from the title as a collection of Broadway show tunes. The album is from 1959, which also can get gathered from the title.

I'll say it again, because I can't impress on you the reader how great the song "I Enjoy Being A Girl" is. Tons of attitude and power behind each lyric. There are moments where she growls out the words like a tiger. Lots of grrrrr on this one. There is also no indication of her Japanese heritage in her voice.

I wish I could have seen her perform this song on stage. I pretty sure she was a small woman, but I imagine that she owned the stage when she sang this song.

Many of the other songs are good too. I really like "Sunday" also because of the attitude behind the voice. "Just for Once" is sassy. She also give a good performance of the classic "Tonight". Probably the third best song on the record is "On The Street Where You Live". Smooth is the word to describe her on this one. She makes the song sound effortless. And the second best song hands down is "I Feel Sorry For The Boy" which has everything that "I Enjoy Being A Girl" has. I have a feeling that for some people out there this will be their favorite song on the record even over the first track. "Just In Time" and "Till There Was You" also are strong entries on the album. So as far as batting average goes, the album has a lot of really great music.


01 I Enjoy Being A Girl.mp3
02 Love Look Away.mp3
03 Sunday.mp3
04 Two Faces In The Dark.mp3
05 Just For Once.mp3
06 Tonight.mp3
07 On The Street Where You Live.mp3
08 The Party's Over.mp3
09 Just In Time.mp3
10 Not Like Me.mp3
11 I Feel Sorry For The Boy.mp3
12 Till There Was You.mp3

The whole thing here.


anomia said...

Darn, another one I can't grab - this one I've never seen!

Spencer said...

Send me an e-mail and I'll hook you up.