Monday, April 14, 2008

Jo Basile, His Accordion And Orchestra - Accordion Polka - 1957

Anyone who has spent anytime looking through old record bins knows that it isn't hard to find polka records. People bought a ton of these things and I think all of those people have died or donated the records to thrift stores. The trick though is finding ones that are worth listening to. I'm no connoisseur of polka. To be honest I bought this record 100% because of the cover, and then was pleasantly surprised to find that the music wasn't half bad. In fact it is quite good. It certainly can get you into the mood for a bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Something I find funny about this record is that Jo Basile's accordion gets its own billing. It's not Jo Basile and Orchestra, it's Jo Basile, His Accordion and Orchestra. I also love that girl's hairstyle. It is gravity defying.

The other thing this record reminds me of is Disneyland. The first track sounds like something you would hear around the Matahorn or maybe even the tea cups.

If you'd like to know more about Jo Basile there is a link to a great bio. You'll learn things like Jo's real name was Joss Baselli and Italian that made a name for himself in France, before signing a record deal and changing his name. There's lots more so have a read.

So get read to Polka.


01 Clarinet Polka.m4a
02 Beer Barrel Polka.m4a
03 Swedish Rhapsody.m4a
04 Alpine Polka.m4a
05 Swedish Polka.m4a
06 Can-Can Polka.m4a
07 Hop Sa Sa.m4a
08 Polka Dot Polka.m4a
09 Jenny Lind Polka.m4a
10 O Suzanna Polka.m4a
11 Pot Pourri.m4a
12 Triolets.m4a

Here is the whole thing. Jo

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