Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Mix 2008 - 100th music post celebration

100 music posts! Wow that went fast. I'm really quite amazed that I've been able to actually pull this together and keep this thing going with something new every day. With only a couple of exceptions that has been a new record everyday for you readers. And as of now I've got lots more planned. Post 200 is just around the corner. If I can maintain this pace for a year I think it will really be an accomplishment.

So in honor of today's benchmark I decided to post my Spring 2008 mix. Now to be honest, this is my first Spring mix. I got the idea for this in the middle of the winter when I was longing for spring. I've been doing Christmas and Halloween mixes for a few years now and was looking for an excuse for another seasonal theme. Spring made sense. So this 100th post falls at the perfect time to release this playlist. I hope it can work as a nice soundtrack to your spring. I know this doesn't work for the readers below the equator, but just save this for next October and then listen to it.

If you have any favorite Spring songs I'd love to hear them. I'll be collecting songs for next year's mix.


01 The Jesus And The Mary Chain - April Skies.mp3
02 Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.m4a
03 Anita Bryant - Little Orange Bird (Single).m4a
04 Édith Piaf - Enfin le printemps.m4a
05 Steve Miller Band - Wild Mountain Honey.mp3
06 Kelley Stoltz - Birdies Singing.m4a
07 Muddy Waters - Honey Bee.mp3
08 Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Johnny Appleseed.mp3
09 Benny Goodman - Swing Into Spring.m4a
10 John Coltrane - Equinox.mp3
11 Herbie Hancock - Sweet Bird.m4a
12 The Moody Blues - Lazy Day.mp3
13 Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will.m4a
14 Jackie Wilson - nothing but blue skies.mp3
15 Eva Cassidy - Blue Skies.mp3
16 Wayne Newton - I'll Remember April.mp3
17 Frank Sinatra - In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening.mp3
18 Merv Griffin w. Freddy Martin - There's a Bluebird on Your Windowsill.mp3
19 Jesus Jackson - running on sunshine.mp3
20 Rites Of Spring - Spring.m4a
21 Spazzys - The Sunshine Drive.mp3
22 Dropkick Murphys -Sunshine Highway.mp3
23 Dirty Snowflake - The Other Salmon.mp3

Here's the whole playlist broken into two zip files. I recommend downloading these two files for ease and of course because I think the songs should be played as a whole.

Spring Mix 2008 tracks
Spring Mix 2008 tracks

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