Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gordon Terry - The Ballad Of J.C./Untanglin' My Mind 7"

I saw "Ballad Of J.C." and thought is that The J.C.? Before you get too excited, I just say it's not who I thinking. I have a confession that cheesy religious records get me excited. For the record I consider myself a religious person, but I find the commercialization of religion to be somewhat offensive and many times done in such poor taste that I find it oddly funny. Anyways that it not what this record is.

This is a song that is basically a rip off of I think the "Ballad of Davy Crocket". I may be wrong on that because it's been a while since I've heard that song. This song is riffing from another song, if not the Davy Crocket song, then another. The "J.C." in the song is Johnny Cash. It basically is a tribute to the man in black telling the basics of his musical career, at least up to 1970 when this was recorded.

In doing research for this I typed Gordon Terry in Google and most everything that came up were articles about his death in 2006. He died April 9th 2006 and his death didn't go unnoticed. Try for yourself and see how many pages come up talking about his career as a studio musician and that "The Ballad of J.C." was his only charting hit. So in remembrance of Gordon Terry I thought this would make a great post for today April 9th.

The song itself is fun. There are moments where Gordon slips in a Cash like voice on a line or two here and there. Then at the end there is this thing where he starts coughing and says he has to quit smoking. It's actually quite weird. I don't know what that is supposed to be. Is it a comment on Johnny Cash? Is it a comment on Gordon? Was he really suffering from a smoker's cough. I have not idea.

"Untanglin' My Mind" is okay. Nothing to write home about, but you are certainly welcome to if you feel the need.

So if you like Johnny Cash and you wanted a song to help you remember some of the basics about his early career here is a good way to to the facts in your head.


01 Ballad Of J.C..mp3
02 Untanglin' My Mind.mp3

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