Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nestor Amaral And His Continentals - Holiday In France

This is a record I bought for my mom and sister. My sister is quite a few years older than me my parents had this record around the house back in the 60's. When I got into collecting records she asked me if I had ever seen this record. She described it and so one day I found a record that looked like what she described and low and behold it was the right one. I think listened to the record and fell in love with it myself. It is one of your typical imagine yourself on vacation in a foreign land type records. I think these kinds of records we popular because young girls ad housewives would imagine going to France or Italy or Spain. I think there were records of this sort for just about every country.

The songs here are light and fun and definitely evoke thoughts of France. It is of course a romanticized version of France, but that is okay I like that too.

The highlights for me are "Pigalle", "Boom" "La Vie En Rose" and "La Mer", but really there aren't any bad songs on the record. The opening sort of narration/introduction sets the mood perfectly. We are welcomed to France through an extremely thick French accent. After hearing that you feel like you are sitting in a French cafe enjoying the native sounds and sensations. It really is a nice one to put on for mood music around the house. It is also perfect for a Spring day, maybe while doing your Spring cleaning. Windows open and a cool breeze through the house, a good book and these songs filling the air makes for a wonderful afternoon.


01 Under Paris Skies.mp3
02 Pigalle.mp3
03 Mademoiselle De Paris.mp3
04 La Seine.mp3
05 I Love Paris.mp3
06 Boom.mp3
07 Under The Bridges Of Paris.mp3
08 Valentine.mp3
09 La Vie En Rose.mp3
10 La Mer.mp3
11 Paree.mp3
12 J'Attendrai.mp3

Here's the whole thing Nestor Amaral And His


Matracas said...

If i'm not mistaken; "Le Mer" is played in various instances throughout the "Mr Bean's Holiday" movie. I liked the song and had never heard it before; since my kids taped that movie (we are HUGE Mr Bean fans), I hear this song over & over and have fallen in love with it.

Spencer said...

I'll have to check that out. We like Mr. Bean as well. My family have watched Mr. Bean's Holiday, but somehow I missed it.

Toque Musical said...

hi, please...
send a new link :)

Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll send a link.

Chaya Rowland said...

Do you still have the MPGs for this album?
Any chance you can email or post them?

Spencer said...

Yes, I still have the mp3s. E-mail me and I can send you a link.