Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jerry Lee Lewis - Woman, Woman/Touching Home 7" - 1971

There is so much more to Jerry Lee Lewis than "Great Balls of Fire". My last post featuring Jerry Lee was a bluesy number oozing sexiness. This one is more in the country vain and has some of Jerry's fine piano playing. The song sounds like it is going to be a love song, but like many great country or blues songs it is more about breaking up. Jerry really pours in the emotion on this song as he sings "woman, woman get out of my way". You can find this song on Jerry's 1971 release "There Must Be More to Love Than This" which I don't think has been re-issued on CD.

It can also be found on the 2000 release "Mercury Smashes...And Rockin' Sessions". That is a huge box set that can run you quite a few bucks, so this may be your best place to hear this song.

"Touching Home" is another country ballad, and is fine as well. To me it is a little plainer and standard, but that is okay. Oddly enough it is a little easier to find. It is from the 1971 album "Touching Home", but can be found on quite a few CD compilations. It is also on the big of "Mercury Smashes...And Rockin' Sessions" compilation.


01 Woman, Woman.mp3
02 Touching Home.mp3

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