Friday, April 11, 2008

Dead Or Alive - Youthquake - 1985

The day before last I posted a record by DOA (Dead Or Alive). In there I made reference to the fact that in college the only Dead Or Alive people around me knew was the Europop band. To be honest when they told me about this Dead Or Alive I really didn't know them. I mean I kind of knew of them. I think I knew of girls in high school that liked them, but they were not from any world I was in during the 80's. So it wasn't until my college years that I ever really listened to Dead Or Alive. In the 90's radio stations were really getting into having 80's flashback lunches and sets. I went to school in Utah and the whole 80's new wave revival was in full swing. Part of me wonders if it was a revival or if it was just getting to them. That state seems like it is a good 10-15 years behind the rest of the country.

It wasn't however until my record collecting began that I really sort of fell in love with this band. I found this record at some thrift store and I saw it had "You Spin Me" on it, which I knew. What I didn't expect was that I would like the whole record. From start to finish the record is just a great 80's dance club record.

One thing I like about Dead Or Alive is that the vocals have a serious and dramatic quality to them. When Pete Burns sings "I Wanna Be A Toy" he sounds really serious. There isn't any sense of irony. If anything there is a sense of desperation. He really wants to be a toy and it leaves a somewhat disturbing vibe to the song.

The production on the songs are all great, lots of synth layers and it all has a big sound. It has the kind of big sound that can fill a dark dance club on a Friday night.

I'm not going to write about the flamboyant front man Pete Burns, but a simple google search will find you plenty of articles about what he's been up to these days. It's some good reading.

So if you like dance club music from the second half of the 80's this record is a must in my opinion. By the way their record "Mad, Bad and Dangerous" which has the song "Brand New Lover" is also pretty good. I haven't gotten around to digitizing that one yet, but maybe one day it will make an appearance on the blog. Until then you can sample these tasty morsels and then go buy songs from your favorite pusher of audio ear candy.


01 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).mp3
02 I Wanna Be A Toy.mp3
03 DJ Hit That Button.mp3
04 In Too Deep.mp3
05 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm.mp3
06 Cake And Eat it.mp3
07 Lover Come Back To Me.mp3
08 My Heart Goes Bang.mp3
09 It's Been A Long Time.mp3

Here's the whole thing Dead Or

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Matracas said...

I remember Dead or Alive in their "Hey Day" meaning that I knew them when they brokeout on the US scene. I remember hearing "You spin me round (Like a record)" and "Lover come back to me" on the radio..and I think there was another song from them played on the radio at some point (There is something in my house). I never was overwhelmingly crazy about this band..but I didn't dislike them.

Nowadays I laugh everytime I watch the opening of "The wedding singer" since Mr. Sandler sings "You spin me round" at the beginning.

Regards and have a great weekend.