Monday, April 7, 2008

Bat Cave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns - 1983

Here's a nice collection of 80's goth that I found at some thrift store for a buck. I love when I find something like this, because you don't come across hip underground 80's records very often at the thrift store. They are usually gobbled up by collectors. It is easy to find the hit records and it is easy to find bad records, but a record with Alien Sex Fiend not so much. I think another reason for this is because usually the kind of person who would have bought this record back in the day was probably really into music and is more likely not to just give their records away to some thrift store. Usually those people hold onto their records or at the very least try to turn a profit on Ebay.

The music is all dark and gothy. It is also clubby and dancy. You can hear the germs of late 80's industrial music here as well. Check out "Shock Work". Let's face it that is where a lot of this crowd went musically. Ministry of course leading the charge from gothy dance records to hard core industrial noise.

So put on your favorite black clothes and eyeliner. Turn out the lights, and light up some candles. Then put this forgotten nugget on the stereo. To cap the evening off you may want to curl up with your favorite Anne Rice novel. I'd recommend either of the first two vampire chronicle books.


01 Dead Man's Autochop - Specimen
02 Sex Beat - Sex Beat
03 Shock Work - Test Dept
04 The Nun's New Clothes - Patti Palladin
05 Eyes Shine Kilidiscope - James T Pursey
06 Meat Of Youth - Meat Of Youth
07 Coming Up For The Down Stroke - Brilliant
08 R.I.P. - Alien Sex Fiend
09 The Dance Of Death - The Venomettes

Here's the whole thing Bat Cave Young