Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elton Britt - The Jimmie Rogers Blues/Singin' In The Pines 7"

Back to the old country western collection. Here's a tribute to Jimmy Rogers, the famous cowboy yodeler. And as you might think there is plenty of yodeling. Like the "Ballad of J.C." which I posted recently this is a romanticized account of Jimmy Rogers life. It is fun as a sort of novelty song, but I'll be honest it seems a little slow and kind of overstays it's welcome. I mean really the song is over 5 and a half minutes long. What kind of pop song is that?

"Singin' In The Pines" is a great song as far as I'm concerned. It really sticks in your head. It is pure Americana evoking a postcard version of rural America. I love it. The song also is beautiful. I know I probably overuse that word, but it is a word I like and I think everyone understand. The melody flows like a easy flowing river. The orchestrations are cool and easy like a breeze. It's another perfect song for the season.


01 Jimmy Rogers Blues.mp3
02 Singin' In The Pines.mp3


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