Friday, April 25, 2008

The Orange Bird - 1971

I love collecting old Disney records. I really like these story book ones. When I first saw this I didn't know anything about the orange bird, but as you have probably gatherer by now, that doesn't stop me from buying something. If fact many times that is the very reason I will buy something.

As it turns out the Orange Bird was a character Disney created for Disneyworld in Florida. The orange growers of Florida sponsored the citrus pavillion and as part of the promotion for that the Orange bird was created. He appeared on commercials with Anita Bryant at the time. This record and story book tells his story.

As you can see from the pictures he is a little bird with an orange for a body. His wings are little green leaves. He couldn't sing or speak, but he could make his thoughts appear in little clouds of orange smoke. The "Orange Bird" song tells you all you need to know.

I've included the whole record here and scans of all the pictures so you can enjoy the whole experience.

An interesting piece of trivia is that the little boy on the record is Ron Howard. Between Mayberry and Milwaulkee he did some voice work for Disney records. He is on the Haunter Mansion record which I'll probably post closer to Halloween and this record. I think he did some others, but that record and this one are the ones I own. This was Ron's last thing he did for Disney.

There was a 7" 45 of the Orange Bird song, which I don't own. What I have done is take the song from this record and add a little fade out at the end before the narration kicks back in so you can enjoy the song on its own on your Ipod.

Lots of articles have been written about this record, the orange bird and Anita Bryant. You can also find some video on youtube.

Here are my high res scans of he album and book.

Here it the Orange Bird's myspace page.

And here is another good page with fun facts.

01 Introduction.m4a
02 Little Orange Bird.m4a
03 The Story Part 1 (Picnic Park).m4a
04 Sing All Day.m4a
05 The Story Part 2 (Picnic Park Birds).m4a
06 I'll Fly The Sky Way.m4a
07 The Story Part 3 (The City).m4a
08 A Cat Don't Like....m4a
09 The Story Part 4 (The City).m4a
10 The Perfect Picnic.m4a
11 The Story Part 5 (The Family).m4a
12 Orange Tree.m4a

Or you can grab it all in one file 01 The Orange Bird (Complete Album).m4a

Or broken up into sides.
01 The Orange Bird Side 1.m4a
02 The Orange Bird Side 2.m4a

Here is a link to the higher res scans on Flickr. You'll be able to read the words to the story. The hi res images are also imbeded in the audio files so you can click on the artwork in Itunes and read the story.

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Matracas said...

I still own the Haunted Mantion LP that you mention. I also have a Sesame Street LP also.