Thursday, April 10, 2008

Supersuckers @ Safari Sams - 04.09.08

Here's another one of my out of the ordinary post, which may become a somewhat regular thing. I'm doing a second pot to share with you some of my photos from the Supersuckers show last night. They played Safari Sams in LA. 3 other bands as well as Eddie Spaghetti (lead singer of the Supersuckers) and Jordan Shaprio opened up. Yep, Eddie opened for himself. I've posted just 5 of the many photos I took last night. For all my photos follow this link to my Flickr account. I've got lots of photo of all the bands. All of which were pretty good.

Charlie and the Valentine Killers were amazing. They had a bag pip player, a saxophone player, a guy who played both the fiddler and the mandolin. They even had a female singer come out and sing the Johnny Cash/June Carter duet "Jackson" and they simply brought the house down with that. Their other songs were great too. If you ever have the chance, go see them.

Also on the bill was Good Man Down and they had a Stonesy rock and roll thing going. There were times they even reminded me a little of Bob Seger and the whole 70's detroit rock thing. They were tight. They had a free demo that I picked up and I'm anxious to listen to.

The first band was Nick Dixon and they had a free demo they were giving away. They were pretty good. Their first couple of songs reminded me of the Killers. On their myspace page they have a couple songs posted and on those I think they sound a little more like "Eagles Of Death Metal". They did play some pretty varied songs. Rock, Modern Rock and even a pretty funky song was thrown in there. I wish they had some music for sale at the show, but sadly they didn't.

Of course Eddie and Jordon were great. They did some of Eddie's solo songs as well as more acoustic versions of Supersuckers songs. They also did Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues". That's right a night with two Johnny Cash songs. Ah bliss. They also did "Carry Me Home" an AC/DC cover which Eddie has on one of his records.

Then the night finished with the Supersuckers Rock show. They played several new songs that will be on their upcoming record. They sounded like they were shaping up to be great. All in all the show was great. The venue was great. And I got a lot of great photos.

I'm seeing them again tomorrow night at the House of Blues in Anaheim and my expectations are a little lower. After being so close it is going to be a bit of a let down to being behind a barrier with bouncers guarding the stage. Oh well, the music will of course rock.

If you haven't seen the Supersuckers yet go to their website. Get on their mailing list and see them when they come to your town.

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