Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ernest Tubb & Red Foley - Too Old To Tango/Doctor Ketchum 7"

Here are two classic sides from Ernest Tubb and Red Foley. I'm not sure the reason, but the billing on the songs are reversed on each side. One side says Red Foley and Ernest Tubb, while the other says Ernest Tubb and Red Foley.

These two songs are country songs that fall into a sort of sub genre of speaking songs. There is singing, but there are also bits of just plain spoken word. I've found that this was quite a common thing and I think was quite popular back in the day. Both songs are equally as good. I don't think I can choose one over the other. Both are fun. Both have a little bit of humor to them.

Doctor Ketchum is great because it is a fantastic time capsule of Men's minds in the 1950's. I also like the innocent use of the word "dope" in this song.


01 Too Old To Tango.mp3
02 Doctor Ketchum.mp3

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